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Special Coatings Projects – Varapid Ltd specializes in recommendation, material supply and execution of passive fire protection projects, mainly in the Oil and Gas segment as well as in the industrial and commercial buildings segment.

How accidents occur?

From simple human mistake. The most improbable causes - even ice ( Valero Texas,  USA, 16.2.2007). Watch the video here.

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What is Passive Fire Protection of Metal Structures?

PFP is the protection of steel structure elements. Its purpose is the resistance in the passage of heat towards the steel sections for a limited and specified time period.

Why is Passive Fire Protection Essential?

In order to protect the personnel during the fire or during escape and to protect the equipment.

What is Hydrocarbon  Pool and Jet Fire?

A hydrocarbon fire will generate temperatures of more than 1000  0C  within ten minutes of ignition with heat fluxes of around 150kW/m2.

Areas: Hydrocarbon-processing complex, chemical industries, Off-shore platforms etc.

Pool fire: Leakage of a flammable liquid l from a vessel or pipeline then ignition

Jet fire: Rupture of a pressurized vessel and/or gas line – then ignition .Same temperature rise - double heat flux as pool fire.

The Norm after the Piper Alpha Platform fire in 1988. For more information please click here.


What are the main types of PSP against Hydrocarbon Fire?

- Cementitious:  Portland cement plus lightweight aggregates.
- Intumescent coatings : Epoxy based spray or hand applied

Our Choice

Promat Fendolite II (cementitious plus vermiculite)  


-All epoxies release cyanide acid fumes when burned – with fatal effects to human respiratory system

- During a fire, fire fighters may remove epoxies by water jetting as they expand in volume   – Fendolite II absorbs water- stays in place -performs as designed

- Fendolite II has outperformed the expectations in long real life records

- Fendolite II can repair and protect existing concrete against fire

Total applied by Special Coatings Projects Ltd:

Over 17000 m2 has been applied with total customer satisfaction.

More info: Video 1  Video 2

What is  Cellulosic Fire:

Common fire of materials like plastics, wood, paper, cotton or textiles.

Relatively slow heat rise and peak temperatures of 950 °C.

What are the main types of PSP against Cellulosic Fire:

 - New Generation Intrumescent – Fast drying - C5 corrosion protection – extreme resistance to humidity –showers - We are among the selected distributors / applicators of the new intrumescent technology

- Waterborne Intrumescent paints - for internal areas

- Solvent based intrumescent paints – for exposed surfaces

- Cementitious – vermiculite products - hidden or industrial areas - more than 60 minutes fire ratings)

For better understanding please watch the video >>>


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